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Distinguished Alumnus Award

This award shall be presented to an alumnus who has demonstrated the ideal of excellence by achieving success and recognition such as to effect great pride among the faculty, students, and alumni of the University. The recipient shall be a highly recognized scholar, writer, actor, artist, musician, entertainer, executive, politician, or person of comparable stature, who clearly exemplifies the quality of excellence to which the University is so deeply committed. In particular, the Distinguished Alumnus Award is different from an award exclusively for service or financial gifts. This is an award for developed talent that reflects favorably on the quality of the University, the faculty, and the administration who are charged with creating and sustaining this quality. The Distinguished Alumnus Award shall carry the prestige of the highest award the ASSOCIATION has the power to bestow. While the desired outcome is to select one recipient each year, a maximum of two (2) alumni may be selected in any given year to receive the Distinguished Alumnus Award, with the understanding that no award shall be given unless a nominee meets the stated criteria.

Selection criteria for the Distinguished Alumnus Award include, but are not limited to:

  1. National or international reputation in the alumnus’ field.
  2. Outstanding contribution to science, medicine, the arts, or other fields.
  3. Achievements, patent on a new discovery, or an innovation in a new technology.
  4. Selection for national or international awards, such as the Pulitzer Prize or Nobel Prize.
  5. Recipient must be a graduate of the University or former student.


  • Members of the Executive Board and current members of the University faculty and staff (including members of the staff of the Crawford Alumni Center) are not eligible for the awards. The Awards Committee of the ASSOCIATION reserves the right to change the category of a nomination if it deems necessary.
  • All individuals selected to receive an award from the ASSOCIATION are required to accept the award in person, unless the award is given posthumously.
  • The Executive Board shall have the exclusive right to select recipients for the awards given by the ASSOCIATION. While reserving the right not to participate in the selection process, the Vice-President of University Advancement and the President of the University have final approval over all of the award recipients.

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